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Self Storage Facility Biggleswade

Welcome to Self Storage UK, the UK’s easiest to find and use Affordable Self Storage SolutionSelf Storage UK now offers an uncomplicated Storage Facility in Biggleswade Bedfordshire for anyone who has need to store almost anything that will fit in a secure Twenty or Forty Foot Steel Shipping container. These containers are very robust and strong and when you hire them you can put on your own lock in a strong shielded lock box or hire a strong block lock from us for a small refundable deposit. So costs you nothing.
The Storage Units can be hired for any length of time from one week to monthly, yearly or whatever you require.  contact_form lang=enThe containers are surprisingly cavernous inside and a 20 Foot container will hold an amazing amount of personal or industrial belongings/goods including such things as: furniture, works goods, car boot items, business / hobby equipment the list goes on but as the containers are really just an enormous steel box they can be stacked from the floor right up to the roof.

Self Storage UK Security

The site is entered through a site barrier and access is via a coded keypad so you can come and go as you please during the opening hours. For security reasons access is restricted to daytime hours and the site is under a complete lock-down at night with several electronic security measures in place for the obvious reasons.  The site is also covered by CCTV recording equipment for extra piece of mind. We know this can be a bit awkward sometimes but security is a big issue and we are sure people want to store their possessions somewhere safe and secure.

Insure with Insurastore

Insure with Insurastore

Easy Access to Self Storage UK

Storage units at our central location on the main north south A1 road are easily accessible from a wide area, although a lot of our customers are local from Biggleswade and Sandy we find people are also travelling quite a long way to store things here as our rates are very competitive. We are not far from Cambridge,  Milton Keynes,  Bedford,  Stevenage,  Huntingdon, Hatfield, St Albans the list goes on.

Very reasonable rates

Storage space is offered at a very reasonable rate for these containers and they are proving to be so popular we are expanding rapidly to keep up with demand so please book as early as possible to make sure you can get one to suit your needs. If you know you will need storage in the next few weeks better to let us know as early as possible so we can arrange to fit you in and save disappointment.

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Storage Stevenage 01767 312182

Stevenage is a large town in Hertfordshire that was built originally for London overspill but now has a large and growing community many of whom are in need of a good and reliable Self Storage Facility and it seems that  Storage-Bedfordshire.co.uk is just the kind of facility they are looking for.  Storage Bedfordshire offers safe and secure storage with CCTV and electronic security measures in place. The site is also monitored 24-7, 365 by people living on site. Access is allowed seven days a week during opening hours through a keypad operated barrier.

So Stevenage now has a friendly Self Storage Facility that is easy to book into, affordable, easy to get to and easy to use. Storage Bedfordshire is situated on the main A1 road at Biggleswade so from Stevenage it is just a quick drive up the A1, no problem.

So wether it’s a quick house move requiring storage or a house tidying up session and de-clutter or even a business that wants to store items out of the way and free up valuable factory space Storage-Bedfordshire can help out.

Drive right up to unit

Easy Access

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Storage Biggleswade 01767 312182

Biggleswade is a small market town located in Bedfordshire, but even this small town has a growing need for a self storage facility and SelfStorageUK.org is servicing that requirement with it’s easy to use self storage facility. Customers just need to make contact either by phone, email or just calling in to the sites reception and they could be using the self storage facility the same day, it’s that easy and quick.

Biggleswade Self Storage or Storage Bedfordshire to use the correct name has been in existance for a number of years now and have a very long list of satisfied customers, many who have been using the site for a long time to store their items and keep other premises clear of clutter. Many comment on how easy the site is to use and like the fact that they can come and go seven days a week during opening hours.

So if you are in need of Self Storage and live in or around Biggleswade this could be the ideal site for you to use, even if you live in any of the surrounding villages or towns like Sandy, Shefford, Ampthill, Maulden, Gamblingay, Potton, St Neots or even some of the larger towns such as Stevenage, Cambridge, Bedford, Letchworth this could be just what you are looking for.

Secure Storage in Bedfordshire

Strong Safe



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Self Storage in Bedfordshire 01767 312182

Self Storage in Bedfordshire is a really useful Self Storage Facility. It has restricted access through a keypad operated barrier and all the time you are on site you are being monitored on CCTV camera’s for your own safety and protection. All the secure self storage containers are robust steel shipping containers and they are of course watertight. The site also boast’s electronic security measures throughout the day and night that ensures any one or any thing moving on site will come under scrutiny or set off the alarms. Security is paramount to our customers and we have done and will continue to ensure that the site is safe. There are several people living on site so it is manned twenty four seven.

Self Storage UK is of course an easy self storage facility to use and once you are logged into the system you are free to come and go as you please within reason. The storage facility is easily accessed from any where in Bedfordshire,  Cambridgeshire,  Hertfordshire and many other areas as it is located right on the main A1 Great North Road near Biggleswade making for a very convenient location.

24-7x365 Security CCTV Monitoring

CCTV monitored 24-7-365


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Why Use Self Storage UK

Why use Self Storage UK    01767 312182

Self Storage UK is a leading Storage Facility found right next to the main A1 road at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. This is an ideal location for a storage facility as it is easily accessed from so many surrounding areas.

But WHY is Self Storage UK so popular these days. Well the answer is space, or rather the lack of it with our ever increasing house and business premises costs. We can no longer afford to just keep expanding our house’s or business’s,  instead we can simply use someone else’s space at a very affordable rate. This is where a storage facility like Self Storage UK comes in, offering customers an easy and hassle free solution to their Storage needs long or short term, no problem.

Self Storage Benefits

  • Clear your House / Business of clutter
  • Safely Store Precious Items
  • Safely Store Documents
  • Easily Accessible
  • Find Items Easily
  • House Move Storage

As you can see these are just a few of the benefits. I am sure you know many more, after all we all have different storage needs but we all want a secure and safe place to store these things. SelfStorageUK has electronic security measures in place along with CCTV recording and keycode entrance, we have done everything possible to make this a secure storage facility.

Self Storage UK Options

The main storage option is a 20′ Steel Shipping container as these are strong robust and watertight which makes an ideal storage solution. We also have some 40′ Storage Containers for the bigger Storage Solutions usually large companies and businesses, but not always. The 20′ units are very popular because the access inside is a little easier than one huge container, but that all depends whether or not you need to constantly access the goods inside. Also access to your storage unit / lockup is as easy as possible, you simply drive right up to your lockup for simple and easy loading and unloading of your goods.




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