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Self Storage in Bedfordshire is a really useful Self Storage Facility. It has restricted access through a keypad operated barrier and all the time you are on site you are being monitored on CCTV camera’s for your own safety and protection. All the secure self storage containers are robust steel shipping containers and they are of course watertight. The site also boast’s electronic security measures throughout the day and night that ensures any one or any thing moving on site will come under scrutiny or set off the alarms. Security is paramount to our customers and we have done and will continue to ensure that the site is safe. There are several people living on site so it is manned twenty four seven.

Self Storage UK is of course an easy self storage facility to use and once you are logged into the system you are free to come and go as you please within reason. The storage facility is easily accessed from any where in Bedfordshire,  Cambridgeshire,  Hertfordshire and many other areas as it is located right on the main A1 Great North Road near Biggleswade making for a very convenient location.

24-7x365 Security CCTV Monitoring
CCTV monitored 24-7-365