Why Use Self Storage UK

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Self Storage UK is a leading Storage Facility found right next to the main A1 road at Biggleswade in Bedfordshire. This is an ideal location for a storage facility as it is easily accessed from so many surrounding areas.

But WHY is Self Storage UK so popular these days. Well the answer is space, or rather the lack of it with our ever increasing house and business premises costs. We can no longer afford to just keep expanding our house’s or business’s,  instead we can simply use someone else’s space at a very affordable rate. This is where a storage facility like Self Storage UK comes in, offering customers an easy and hassle free solution to their Storage needs long or short term, no problem.

Self Storage Benefits

  • Clear your House / Business of clutter
  • Safely Store Precious Items
  • Safely Store Documents
  • Easily Accessible
  • Find Items Easily
  • House Move Storage

As you can see these are just a few of the benefits. I am sure you know many more, after all we all have different storage needs but we all want a secure and safe place to store these things. SelfStorageUK has electronic security measures in place along with CCTV recording and keycode entrance, we have done everything possible to make this a secure storage facility.

Self Storage UK Options

The main storage option is a 20′ Steel Shipping container as these are strong robust and watertight which makes an ideal storage solution. We also have some 40′ Storage Containers for the bigger Storage Solutions usually large companies and businesses, but not always. The 20′ units are very popular because the access inside is a little easier than one huge container, but that all depends whether or not you need to constantly access the goods inside. Also access to your storage unit / lockup is as easy as possible, you simply drive right up to your lockup for simple and easy loading and unloading of your goods.